An Introduction to Cancer: Anatomy, Biology & Treatments 2019

20 Nov, 09:00 – Thu, 21 Nov, 16:00, The Christie School of Oncology, Manchester


Course Outline:

This is a two day course by David O’Halloran which presents a basic understanding of cancer. Through a series of presentations, the speaker describes how cancer develops, the commonest types of cancer, cancer detection and treatment modalities. The sessions are supplemented by quizzes to aid understanding and group interactive question and answer sessions to keep everyone engaged.

Topics Covered:

- Introduction to cells, tissues and cancer

- Classification of cancer

- The spread of cancer

- Overview of treatment options

- Female reproductive system & tumours (including breast)

- Oral cavity, large intestine oncology, testicular and prostate cancer

- Circulatory system and related oncology

- Respiratory system & tumours



£360 (Non-NHS)

£220 (NHS)


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