Black History Month – RCN events

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, library talks and regional events have moved online. RCN East Midlands and North West will host Power, Voice and Influence, a celebration of the continued contribution of BAME nursing staff across health and social care, offering advice on professional development. The RCN is also launching ‘Nursing Whilst Black’, a new podcast series showcasing the diversity within nursing. Nurses, health care support workers and students, including former RCN President Dr Cecilia Akrisie Anim CBE, have shared their reflections. The podcasts also discuss ways we can all become better equipped to tackle racism within the nursing profession.

Meanwhile, RCN Library and Archives will host a companion event to close Black History Month, ‘Nursing Whilst Black: Is History Still With Us?’ The panel will delve into the history of BAME leaders in nursing, from the early 20th century onwards.

For full details on these and other events celebrating Black History Month please visit