Master Level Acute Oncology -- Online Module

Online via the University of Liverpool

From September 2019

The Acute Clinical Oncology module offered by the University of Liverpool, is a multi-professional, eight-week, online course aimed at developing the practitioner’s in-depth knowledge of assessment and management of acute oncology presentations. The module has been developed in partnership with acute oncology clinicians and is highly interactive. This academic credit bearing module equates to 15 credits at master’s level.

The syllabus includes:

• Basic science and principles of malignant disease

• Acute presentations of advance malignant disease

• Metabolic and psychosocial complications

• Acute Systemic complications

• Acute Complications derived from anti-cancer systemic therapy

• Cancer of unknown primary

• Palliative care

It is suitable for those with a medical degree, nursing degree or another primary degree.

For more information click here or email Alison Taylor (Module leader) Alison.Taylor@liverpool.ac.uk