Post ASH Highlights

Register to attend in person or to watch a live stream in this Hybrid Event from the Cavendish Conference Centre, London. 

The meeting will provide an overview of the most innovative scientific and clinical data presented at ASH 2021 that is useful for a UK audience.

A special event in the haematologists and senior nurses calendar, where they can hear from Experts in various disease areas review their favourite parts of ASH in key talks and abstracts.

The Speakers make the day relevant to a UK audience in what they have heard from ASH this December, focussing on what could be practice changing in the UK in the coming 12 months. 

Registration Fees:            26th January                     27th January                     Both Days

Consultant                         £60 + VAT (£72)                £60 + VAT (£72)                £100 + VAT (£120)

Trainee, Nurse, AHP        £40 + VAT (£48)                £40 + VAT (£48)                £70 + VAT (£84)

To view the flyer and to register please click here https://hartleytaylor.co.uk/ashd-home/