The GILEAD 2021 Oncology Fellowship/ Medical Grants Programme

10 September 2021

Gilead’s UK & Ireland Fellowship/ Medical Grants Programme supports innovative research and best practice sharing to help improve the lives of patients. They are now accepting applications from healthcare professionals and academic researchers within the field of oncology.

Applications are encouraged from healthcare (clinicians, nurses, pharmacists) or allied (academic researchers, laboratory technicians) professionals who are seeking funding for a research project or initiative that is aligned to the goals of the Fellowship/ Medical Grants Programme.

Projects can be part-funded through the Fellowship/ Medical Grants Programme, and the team actively encourage applicants to seek funding through a wide range of sources. They can also support both new and ongoing projects with a defined end date (typically within 12 months of starting) or where completion of the project is not contingent on further funding from the Fellowship/ Medical Grants Programme.  Please watch the following video to learn about the practical aspects of applying to the UK & Ireland Fellowship/ Medical Grants Programme.

For further details and to apply for the grant, please click here