Macmillan Updates

30 July 2021

Cancer rehabilitation session has now gone live on PRosPer

The PRosPer programme provides e-learning on supporting people with cancer in personalised care and support planning, prehabilitation and rehabilitation. It also covers managing the consequences of cancer and its treatment, workforce development and service redesign. 

The PRosPer e-learning programme aims to support allied health professionals and the wider healthcare workforce in developing their skills on providing personalised care via e-learning and face to face sessions. A range of topics are included in the programme under the following 2 headings:

  • prehabilitation and rehabilitation in the cancer pathway as part of personalised care
  • practical approaches to symptom management in people with cancer

The cancer rehabilitation session as part of PRosPer has now gone live and can be accessed, with the whole programme here

The aim of the session is to develop knowledge and understanding of rehabilitation for people living with cancer. This will define the impact cancer has for the individual living with the diagnosis and treatment, and the impact for professionals, working within different pathways for rehabilitation

Further Learning Resources

A new resource considering the ‘Consequences of Treatment’ focused on impact of different treatment modalities can be accessed here via your Macmillan login.