New Macmillan Emotional Health and Well-Being Hub Launched

4 June 2021

Macmillan have responded to the pressure that Macmillan post-holders are experiencing by creating the Macmillan Professionals Well-being Hub. This is a central point via which professionals can easily access resources to help strengthen their self-care and look after their well-being.

As Macmillan develop the hub into 2021, they will continue to add resources that professionals may find helpful such as Ted Talks, YouTube clips, webinars, podcasts, seminars and suggested books for wider reading. They want to ensure that all healthcare professionals have access to the support they need, now and in the future.

The hub is divided into different areas. Users click on one of the areas to find further information, resources and some bite-sized learning opportunities for each. The five areas are

Emotional Well-being

Emotional well-being is the ability to look after our emotional needs. It is also the ability to understand and appreciate the value of our emotions and use them to move our lives forward in a positive direction. This second element is often known as emotional resilience. This section provides resources which might enable users to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to enhance their emotional well-being


Resilience can be described as the process of adapting and recovering well from adversity, trauma, tragedy or threats. It could also be described as the ability to bend instead of breaking when experiencing pressure, or the ability to persevere and adapt when faced with challenges. This section provides professionals with advice and guidance which they could use to become more resilient.

Personal Growth and Meaning

Health and care professionals are often placed in situations and environments that can be stressful and difficult. This can create a range of different responses in individuals according to their values. Understanding our own personal values is an important foundation of happiness and a key part of Emotional Health and Well-Being. Change, either at work or at home, may affect well-being. Taking time to understand what helps personal well-being so that it can be preserved and improved is a key step. Also, setting goals and re-evaluating them can be helpful when circumstances change.


Feeling connected to something or someone is vital for people to remain emotionally and physically well. This section provides information to help users feel more connected by exploring three key areas of connection in more detail: spirituality, social connection, and nature.

Physical Well-being

There is a growing body of knowledge which evidences exactly why physical activity links to improved mental health. Physical activity generates biochemicals that can have a big impact on how people feel and think. Likewise, how people feel and think in turn impacts physical well-being. This section provides information to help optimise four key dimensions of physical health and well-being. These are physical activity, healthy eating, sleep and physical relaxation.

The hub can be accessed here following a simple registration.

In addition some ‘Top Tips’ and Resources to support wellbeing can be found here