Opportunity to take Part in ‘Life in A Day’

What is “A Life in a Day”?

A Life in a Day is a ground-breaking, immersive simulation in which you become the patient and experience the challenges, choices and impact that real patients face every day. This around-the-clock immersive experience integrates with your daily routine to deliver a visceral insight into patients’ lives.

The programme will be delivered as part of UKONS’ commitment to patient centric thinking. It will allow you to gain a deeper understanding and empathy for our patients and provides an opportunity to reflect on ways in which we can continue to improve their lives.

“I feel that this will really improve my practice. In a busy hospital, it can be quite easy to distance yourself from the reality of what patients go through. This experience will make me think more about the experience of patients in between their treatments and how they cope with it. I will be able to empathise even more with them in the future.” BOPA member and previous participant 

This innovative programme was initially run in September 2019 with BOPA with huge success, and we are now delighted to be able to offer it to you!

How does it work?

The experience is delivered during a normal working day. You do not change your schedule, you go to work as normal… but for the duration you experience what it would be like to live your life as an RCC (renal cell carcinoma) patient.

The experience is delivered through 3 components

1.         An interactive app 

2.         Live role play

3.         A “kit” of sealed items

When is it happening?

We will deliver this experience to you on September 29th 2020

IMPORTANT: You DO NOT need to clear your schedule to take part. The purpose of the experience is that you should continue with your schedule as normal and discover what impact it would have on your life if you were a patient. However, you will require regular access to your phone on the day, so do not select a date if you are travelling or have a conference/meeting/clinical commitment that requires you to turn your phone off.

How do I sign up?

Kindly note that this opportunity is available to UKONS members only whose role involves the care of patients with RCC. To register your interest, please complete the Doodle registration here by September 4th 2020 . Please ensure you confirm your, full name, email address, mobile number and home address

Registered participants will receive the following: 

•           Calendar invites for a mandatory 1-hour briefing and debriefing webinar – these will take place just before and after the experience

•           A “kit” to accompany the experience will arrive approximately 1-week before the experience 

•           An email with the application download and activation instructions a few days before the experience

We hope you will take this amazing opportunity to walk in the shoes of an RCC patient.  Be quick, spaces are limited!

CMX-UK-002624 | August 2020

The delivery of this programme is funded and supported by Ipsen Ltd