Partnership between UKONS and the NIHR

17 November 2022

The NIHR UKONS Pre-Doctoral Clinical and Practitioner Academic Fellowship (PCAF)

The NIHR Academy introduced a new Fellowship Programme in 2018 following recommendations made in the NIHR Strategic Review of Training. As part of this new programme, the NIHR are now partnering with UKONS to offer a jointly funded Partnership Fellowship or PCAF. The NIHR (National Institute of Health and Care Research) partners with leading charities to offer jointly funded NIHR-Charity Partnership Fellowships. These provide the support of two funders to the successful research fellow; to support the fellowship and their next career steps.


The research area for this fellowship should be cancer nursing research, service improvement, education, or clinical practice. There is a single fellowship award currently available.

The PCAF offers salaried time to develop a doctoral fellowship application and to undertake funded academic training that will equip awardees with the skills and experience to access doctoral level funding.​ It is composed of 2 distinct funding offers,  allowing applicants to indicate the level of support most appropriate for their individual requirements.

The first of these is the ‘Standard PCAF’ which is offered full-time over 24 months or part-time over 30 months. The offer includes salary costs (time undertaking the Fellowship), up to £5,000 towards master’s level training​, up to £1,000 for conference/meeting fees and associated travel and subsistence​ and research development support costs up to £1000.

The second offer is the ‘PCAF Bridge’ which is offered over 4 days per week for 6 months or 2 days per week for 12 months. This offer includes salary costs (time undertaking the Fellowship)​, up to £400 for formal courses​, up to £500 for conference/ meeting fees and associated travel and subsistence​ and

research development support costs up to £500.


The NIHR/UKONS PCAF launches in January/February 2023. Those who are interested in hearing more about this opportunity should contact Dr Jo Bird (Chair of the UKONS Research Members Interest Group) or via the UKONS website