UKONS Committed to Standardising Acute Oncology Education, Training and Assessment

28 July 2021

The National Acute Oncology Education, Training and Assessment Working Group is a group of key individuals who have come together to try and standardise education and training in Acute Oncology. This is a multi-disciplinary group with representatives from a range of stakeholders including the UKONS Acute Oncology Members Interest Group, Health Education England, Greater Manchester Cancer, Macmillan Cancer Support, the UK Chemotherapy Board and the newly formed Acute Oncology Society. The group is chaired by Dr Verna Lavender, UKONS President.

The main strands of the work involve developing an on-line learning programme, building an over-arching Acute Oncology Competence Framework (for nursing, medicine and other disciplines involved in delivering acute oncology) and producing an Acute Oncology Competence Assessment ‘Passports’, building on the success of the UKONS SACT Passport. The group is actively seeking funding for a project manager role to drive these objectives forward.

The overall purpose of the group, and work plan above, is to develop a knowledgeable and skilled workforce for all health professionals that treat and care for patients with any acute oncology indication. This will ensure that all acute oncology services, wherever they are situated, are fit for purpose, and optimise outcomes (particularly safety outcomes) for patients with cancer.

UKONS, and the wider group, are very keen to ensure that they capture all of the current work taking place in the field. To this end can we ask that all teams working on -:

a)         Acute oncology competence frameworks (please contact Louise Lawrence  louise.lawrence1@nhs.net)

b)         Online acute oncology learning programmes (please contact Verna Lavender verna.lavender@gstt.nhs.uk  and Philippa Jones philippajones@nhs.net)

c)         Competence assessment (contact Philippa Jones and the UKONS Acute Oncology MIG Michael.varey@nhs.net)