UKONS Sessions at the UK Oncology Forum 2020 (24th September)

In our last issue of UKONS Breaking News, we spoke about the two exciting sessions that UKONS are chairing at the UK Oncology Forum. Obviously this is now an entirely virtual conference and is still completely FREE to health care professionals.

The two sessions we are running are 

1) MDT Reform – Strategy Into Action 

UKONS MDT Reform Strategy into Practice 

10:30hrs ~ 10:45hrs Introduction and short presentation Mark Foulkes,(Chair) UKONS

10:45hrs ~ 11:00hrs Dr Marios Hadjipavlou presentation (Medical perspective)

11:00hrs ~ 11:15hrs Grace Zisengwe presentation (CNS/Nursing perspective)

11:15hrs ~ 11:30hrs Dr Kate Haire presentation (Management and Strategic perspective)

11:30hrs ~ 11:45hrs Questions to panel and summary remarks

11:45hrs Close


2) Sexual Health and Cancer

‘Welcome & Introduction’ - Kay Bell (Chair)

‘Sexual well-being among people living with and beyond cancer: findings from the Macmillan CREW and HORIZONS cohort studies’ - Dr Jane Frankland

‘Experiences of breast cancer treatment on body image’ - Clare Johnson (patient)

‘Whose job is it to talk about sex anyway? - Liz O’Riordan

‘Providing personalised care for gender diverse patients’ - Dr Alison May Berner

Expert Panel Discussion

‘Q&A, Chairman’s thoughts, wrap-up and evaluation - Kay Bell


To register for the conference and to view the programme, please look here https://oncology-forum.co.uk/