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Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer: a roadmap to the Future

 Early detection and diagnosis  i s arguabl y the single most important and impactful objective we can have in order to save more lives lost to cancer in the UK.  Patients diagnosed early have the best chance of curative treatment and long-term survival.  Despite this, only  55% of cancers are currently detected  early in England, for example. There is a  pressing  need  to see a paradigm shift in our ability to  accurately  detect and diagnose cancer at an early stage  to transform health outcomes, in a field beset by scientific and health system challenges.

NHS to radically overhaul diagnostic service delivery

Professor Sir Mike Richards was asked to review diagnostic services as part of the NHS Long Term Plan. This review is now complete and it is hoped his proposals will help save lives and improve people’s quality of life including for cancer, stroke, heart disease and respiratory conditions. 

In his report the UK’s former Cancer Czar Sir Mike proposed that these new services would be ‘COVID-free’, with diagnostic checks in ED increasingly separated from tests taken ahead of routine procedures. He stressed that the need for radical change has been further amplified by the pandemic.

FREE Virtual Event: The Global Power of Oncology Nursing @ London Global Cancer Week

17 October 2020

The RCN, UKONS and RMH are working jointly to deliver an interactive day of international discussions. The programme is a celebration of cancer nursing from around the world with a focus on low/ middle income countries including a wonderful session in the afternoon on Adolescents and Young Adults receiving cancer care in low/middle income countries

EONS Young Cancer Nurse Nightingale Challenge Webinar Series

The EONS Young Cancer Nursing Study has highlighted specific issues young cancer nurses experience in Europe relating to training, education and mentorship.  In response to the issues identified in the EONS Young Cancer Nursing Study, the Young Cancer Nurses’ Network Nightingale Challenge will provide young cancer nurses with an opportunity to engage in a series of educational webinars which provide information about personal and professional development in cancer nursing.

New edition of the Telephone Triage Toolkit

The Oncology/Haematology Telephone Triage Tool Kit for Children's Cancer Services has been updated. It provides guidance for the training, competencies, provision of triage assessment, and audit process for staff answering telephone advice line calls.

Appeal to Support Beirut nurses affected by the August 4th Explosion

Dear UKONS members,

We would like to introduce you to Dr Myrna Doumit, President of the Order of Nurses in Lebanon and oncology nurse extraordinaire. In the linked video and letter below she recounts the sheer trauma and tragedy unfolding due to the massive explosion on August 4th. On that day over 200 nurses were directly affected with 6 colleagues losing their life.

Launch of the UK Chemotherapy Board Website

The Chemotherapy Board (UKCB) has a pivotal role in the UK delivery and governance of SACT providing guidance, oversight and support for the continuing development of chemotherapy services in the UK. In an exciting development for all professionals working with SACT the UKCB now has a new dedicated website.

Research: Training needs of clinicians to improve end-of-life care for adolescents and young adults with cancer

In collaboration with the University of Southampton  and the Global Accord (Teenage Cancer Trust, CanTeen & Teen Cancer America) Teenage Cancer Trust are involved in a programme of work looking at end-of-life communication with young (12-39yo) people with cancer.

The overall aim of the work is to compare best-practice 'standards of care' to inform how training and support resources can be designed for health professionals working with young people in end of life care. This is the UK arm of the survey, recruitment has taken place in Australia and New Zealand.


Patients with haematological malignancy are most vulnerable to COVID-19

Patients with a cancer diagnosis have been highlighted as potentially more at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, but cancer is a heterogeneous group of diseases, with a wide range spectrum of tumour subtypes. The aim of this study was to investigate COVID-19 risk according to tumour subtype in patients with cancer in the UK. This was achieved by examining the data of those patients enrolled in the UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project (UKCCMP). For comparison, a parallel non-COVID-19 UK cancer control population was derived from the UK Office for National Statistics (2017 data).

UKONS Sessions at the UK Oncology Forum 2020 (24th September)

In our last issue of UKONS Breaking News, we spoke about the two exciting sessions that UKONS are chairing at the UK Oncology Forum. Obviously this is now an entirely virtual conference and is still completely FREE to health care professionals.

UKONS 24 hour triage tool - do you use an ‘electronic’ version?

Here at UKONS we know that many hospitals are looking to innovate and improve the care of patients by moving many of the tools we use to digital and electronic formats. We would really like to know if your Trust uses the UKONS 24 hour triage tool electronically. 

Opportunity to take Part in ‘Life in A Day’

We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to participate in A Life in a Day of an RCC (renal cell carcinoma) patient.

What is “A Life in a Day”?

A Life in a Day is a ground-breaking, immersive simulation in which you become the patient and experience the challenges, choices and impact that real patients face every day. This around-the-clock immersive experience integrates with your daily routine to deliver a visceral insight into patients’ lives.

The programme will be delivered as part of UKONS’ commitment to patient centric thinking. It will allow you to gain a deeper understanding and empathy for our patients and provides an opportunity to reflect on ways in which we can continue to improve their lives.

Cancer Research UK Publish Survey on the Impact of COVID Pandemic on Cancer Patients and their Treatment

In response to the major impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on cancer care in the UK, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has conducted, and now published a survey aimed at understanding the impact of COVID-19 on cancer patients’ testing, treatment and care, day-to-day lives and wellbeing, and their support for government policies.

New link to the CR-UK Your Cancer Treatment Record video

10 August 2020

In this short video, Dr Catherine Oakley talks you through your cancer treatment record.

Register for the UKONS Annual Conference 2020

The theme of the conference is ‘Nursing at the core of cancer care’ 

  • Evolving roles in the changing workforce
  • Clinical leadership in cancer care
  • Navigating professional development 
  • The Cancer Nursing response to the COVID-19 pandemic