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UKONS Position Statement on level of qualification to admininster SACT
The UKONS Board have been asked by its members for guidance about NMC registered nursing associates who are employed as band 4 staff giving SACT drugs. We have consulted with members of the UKONS SACT MIG Committee, the UKONS Lead Cancer Nurse forum and external organisations to draft this Position Statement.
UKONS Partnership Brochure

As a non-profit charity, we know and appreciate the value of working with our corporate partners. To ensure we continue to achieve our aims and increase support for our work we need to grow and develop our Corporate Partnerships across the whole range of cancer care.

UKONS Member Applicant Form UKONS Member Applicant Form for Takeda-Maudsley Learning Psychosocial Oncology Programme
UKONS Conference 2022 Completed Abstracts presented at the UKONS Annual Conference, 11-12 November 2022,
The ICC Belfast, Cancer Care In The Digital Age.

UKONS Conference 2023 - Call for Abstracts

UKONS2023 Abstract submission guidelines