BJN Oncology Nurse of the Year: nominations open

7 November 2023

The UKONS Board are delighted to once again partner with the British Journal of Nursing to support the Oncology Nurse of the Year Award. Please send your nominations for this very competitive award.

The oncology nursing award will recognise nurses who care for and treat patients with cancer. The important work within this specialty should be recognised and any nurse who has made a special impact on oncology nursing should apply or be nominated. Many people's lives are touched by cancer, and whether they practice in hospitals or the community, nurses will find themselves caring at some stage for adults with cancer. This Award will recognise an individual or team who have made a demonstrable improvement to the delivery of cancer patient care.

For this category, please consider:

  • What has this nurse contributed to oncology and haematology nursing?
  • How has this contribution impacted patient care?
  • How can this contribution benefit oncology and haematology nursing as a whole?
  • What evidence (if any) is there to support this contribution?

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Has the candidate has achieved something special in her/his nursing career and has it benefited patient care?
  • Does the candidate demonstrate a particular individual approach to patients using the essentials of compassionate care and best evidence?
  • Has the candidate introduced or developed an innovative or creative idea that clearly shows her/his nursing care has gone that little bit further than just ‘doing a good job’?
  • Does the candidate’s subject area for the award fit into the appropriate category?
  • Is there written evidence or a description of the nurse’s achievement that can be backed up by further evidence and proof of implementation?

Please note: entries will close on Friday 8th of December. Submit your entries HERE.