Takeda Oncology HCP professional development programme

15 May 2023

The UKONS Board are delighted to invite UKONS members working in haemato-oncology or lung cancer to apply for a place on Cohort 2 of the Takeda Oncology HCP professional development programme. There are fifteen places available on this non-promotional, educational programme that aims to support haemato-oncology and lung cancer HCPs in enhancing their contribution to patient care and the healthcare system. The programme runs over a year. It includes completion of seven soft skills e-learning modules, attendance at a two-day face-to-face workshop, use of a 360-degree appraisal tool and an opportunity to receive individual coaching support. 100% of cohort 1 attendees said it was very likely they would recommend this programme to a colleague.


Testimonials from Cohort 1:

‘I found all of it so useful but loved the strengths exercise in particular, and will use this in practice as part of the clinical supervision process.’

‘The process mapping and business case teaching was very useful…I will be using this straight away’

‘My most significant learning is knowing how to harness strengths and understanding my weaknesses- using this knowledge to my advantage’

‘The most useful aspect for me was the expertise and feedback from the facilitators/coaches’




Submission deadline: 3rd July 2023

Notification of offer by: 24th July 2023

On-boarding (enrolling) with Takeda: August 2023

Course start date: August 2023 – Virtual welcome meeting

Online learning: Summer 2023

Face-to-face workshops: September-November 2023


To apply for a place, applicants need to submit the form which can be obtained and submitted to: ukons@media1productions.co.uk


*Please note that successful applicants are required to sign an agreement with Takeda for the transfer of value of each module to be declared on the ABPI Disclosure UK website*

The Takeda Oncology HCP professional development programme is developed for HCPs from UK and Ireland and is organised and funded by Takeda UK Limited.


The participants involvement in the programme is not related to any past, current or future Takeda commercial objectives nor will it be used as a means to encourage the recipient to order, prescribe, or recommend Takeda products or to reward the recipient for ordering, prescribing, or recommending Takeda products.



Date of preparation: March 2023