UKONS Board Elections

25 May 2024

All of our UKONS board roles are term limited which means we now have a number of vacant board member roles. 

We warmly invite UKONS members and our Champions to apply for these vacant positions.  We are keen to ensure that we have as wide and diverse a group of cancer nurses as possible reprenting a full cross-section of the cancer nursing workforce across all of the UK nations. There are many reasons you should consider coming to join us on the board.

•           Gaining board level experience in a supportive environment

•           Gaining experience in the charitable sector

•           Influencing cancer policy and care delivery at a national level

•           Representing UKONS at rergional, national and international meetings

•           Networking at the highest level for a widely-respected organisation

•           An opportunity to extend and develop your skills

We are seeking enthusiastic members who are committed to furthering UKONS aims and are willing and able to spend time helping to provide clinical expertise on the board, support the functioning of UKONS and represent the best of cancer nursing across the UK. We are are currently recruiting for FOUR vacant positions.

•           Representing Radiotherapy

•           Representing SACT

•           Deputy treasurer role

•           Open position and general; board member

We are specifically seeking members representing Wales and/or filling the roles above.

In order to nominate yourself, you will require the support of two current UKONS Board members and your line manager. It is important to realise that you do not need to know board members in order to ask for their support, and we do not operate any kind of screening or preferential treatment. The board members contacted simply ensure all parts of the nomination process are in place and the nominee is eligible.

If you wish to discuss nomination with one of the board then feel free to contact us on and you will be directed towards an appropriate board member.

UKONS cannot offer remuneration to Board members for their time; however appropriate travel expenses and necessary accommodation are reimbursed.

The Board meet quarterly for face-to-face meetings with interim teleconferences. Attendance at Board meetings is an important part of the role of a Board member; however, most of the UKONS Board business is achieved by email and telephone outside of these meetings. Dependent on the role, UKONS business takes between at least two days to four days of a Board member’s time each month. Board members are required to help implement our strategic aims, including organising educational events and our annual conference.  Board members are also required to attend the UKONS conferences for each year they are on the Board.

Obtain your nomination form by contacting Media1 Productions and return by Friday 28th June.

In the event of receiving more than three nominations, applications will be circulated to UKONS members and election shall be by email ballot. We look forward to hearing from you.